Welcome to the Genuine Wealth Institute

The Genuine Wealth Institute is an organization devoted to the development and application of genuine wealth concepts in creating a new economic paradigm that moves individuals, households, communities, towns, cities, regions, states/provinces, … [Read more]

Genuine Wealth Research Program

Our research efforts in Genuine Wealth are rooted in Mark Anielski’s ground-breaking research over the past decade. Mark’s work in wellbeing measurement and the Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI) have set a global standard for measuring and … [Read more]

Genuine Banking Research

The Genuine Wealth Institute is perfecting the Total Asset Management system we call Genuine Wealth. Total Assets, defined across the Five Capitals, natural, human, social, built and financial capital, will be the bedrock upon which our future … [Read more]

Asset Revolution

Our research efforts in intangibles and other nontraditional assets are supported by decades of work done by Robert McGarvey, Joe Batty C.A. and Mark Anielski. Today, in the U.S and other Western economies, market services and intangibles have … [Read more]